Actiflow NPK 16-16-16



Concentrated NPK gel (16:16:16 w/v)


Total Nitrogen (N): 12 % w/w (15,6 % w/v)
Ammonia Nitrogen (N): 1,20 % w/w (1,56 % w/v)
Ureic Nitrogen (N): 10,8 % w/w (14,04 % w/v)
Phosphor (P2O5) soluble in water: 12 % w/w (15,6 % w/v)
Potassium (K2O) soluble in water:12 % w/w (15,6 % w/v)
Iron (Fe) soluble in water chelated by EDTA: 0,096 % w/w (0,125 % w/v)
Manganese (Mn) soluble in water chelated by EDTA: 0,036 % w/w (0,047 % w/v)
Zinc (Zn) soluble in water chelated by EDTA: 0,027 % w/w (0,035 % w/v)
Copper (Cu) soluble in water chelated by EDTA: 0,066 % w/w (0,086 % w/v)
Molybdenum (Mo) (Ammonium molybdate): 0,004 % w/w (0,005 % w/v)
Boron (B) Ethanolamine: 0,034 % w/w (0,044 % w/v)


– Aspect: Yellow-greenish flow – pH: 8,5 – Specific Gravity (20ºC): 1,30 gr/cc

It improves sprouting and growth of stems and leaves, maintaining flowering and fruiting.


Recommended for all type of crops.


We recommend using this product when the crop is active, active growth, flowering and fructification.
FOLIAR APPLICATION: When the plant is active. It is convenient to wet completely the whole surface of the plant.


ApplicationsFoliar DosesIrrigation DosesNº applications
OLIVES250-500 cc/Hl6 l/HaBefore germination and fruit setting.
FRUIT TREES AND CITRICS250-350 cc/Hl6 l/HaBefore germination on preflowering and postflowering.
HORTICULTURE AND STRAWBERRY 150-250 cc/Hl6 l/HaGrowing period and fruit setting.


Presentation in plastic bottles / jerrycans of 1,5,20 liters and IBC containers of 1000 liters.

It is recommended not to exceed the recommended doses

Note: The information contained in this sheet has been prepared according to our current knowledge and should only be understood as a guide. This company is solely responsible for the composition, formulation and content of its products and, in no case for the form of use made by the customer. The results and effectiveness of our products on a surface not exceeding 100m2. This company will not be, in any case responsible for the damages that may be caused in case of non-compliance with these instructions.