Actiron Si



Silicon corrector


Silicon oxide amorphous (SiO2): 30 %


– Aspect: whitish liquid – pH: 4 – Density (20ºC): 1,20 gr/cc

Silicon liquid solution acts like bioactivator by silicon accumulation on the epidermis.
Increases the natural resistance of the plant in front of pathogens infection.
Fortifies stern decreasing lodging effect on cereals and specially in rice.
Favoring absorption of phosphorous and iron present in ground, improving productivity and harvest quality.
Favoring root development and with that, keep the plant in front stress conditions, increasing development
and growing.
Improves the plant resistance in front of drought and excess of salinity.


Recommended for all type of crops.
Specially indicated in cereal and rice crops, to prevent lodging effect.


Indicated in all type of crops: Olive tree, horticulture, fruit trees, cereal, citrus, ornamental plants.
The application of product is by irrigation or drip, or flood applying in this case maximum doses.


Type of applicationSlight deficienciesSerious deficiencies
Irrigation1-1,5 l/ha1,5-3 l/ha


Presentation in plastic bottles/jerrycans of 1,5,20 liters and IBC containers of 1000 liters.

It is recommended not to exceed the recommended doses

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